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Woodland Beach Property Owners Association (WBPOA) is committed to:

  • advancing the cultural and general interests of the seasonal and permanent owners of properties in Woodland Beach
  • carrying on research and investigation into problems connected with the ownership, development, management and financing of property in Woodland Beach.
  • making representations to the government on matters affecting the interests of Woodland Beach residents.
  • ensuring the protection of the natural environment of Woodland Beach. 


In order to fulfill this commitment, WBPOA wants the views of as many residents as possible. Please answer the following questions as we work towards both increasing membership, and maximizing the number of attendees at each of our two meeting each year. 


Please send your responses to Tom Goldie at info@wbpoa.org  by August 24.


1.     If you are a Woodland Beach resident, but not presently a member of WBPOA, what would the Association have to offer to encourage you to become a member?

2.     If you are presently a member of WBPOA, but do not attend either of the meetings each year, what would encourage you to come out to one or both of the meetings?

3.     Do you have any specific issues you would like WBPOA to pursue over the next couple of years?

4.     If you do have a specific issue, are you willing to volunteer to assist in organizing and implementing this initiative? 

5.     The second meeting each year is normally held on the Saturday morning of the Labour Day weekend. In future, would you prefer the meeting continue to be held on this date, or would you prefer it to be held on the Saturday before the Labour Day weekend?



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