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Woodland Beach Property Owners’ Association

WBPOA is an active non-profit association of property owners in Woodland Beach, incorporated in 1995, but established over 60 years ago.

It is managed by a Board of eight Directors elected by the general membership. Committees may be appointed by the Board to explore issues or undertake projects. (eg Membership, Environment)

The current annual membership fee is $25.00 per property.

Meetings are held at the Bayshore Seniors Centre at the corner of Lawson Road and Tiny Beaches Road South in Woodland Beach. Members are notified of meeting dates by newsletter, E-mail, and posted notices.

Meeting agendas include guest speakers and discussions of topics of current interest to residents. (examples: environmental issues such as beach restoration and preservation, invasive vegetation, swimming water quality testing; traffic calming, parking, Neighbourhood Watch Program, Tiny Township by-laws etc.)

WBPOA cordially invites all property owners in Woodland Beach to join in our efforts to safeguard the quality of life that we have enjoyed here in the past and protect it for future generations.

Objectives of the Woodland Beach Property Owners’ Association

To advance the cultural and general interests of the seasonal and permanent owners of properties in the residential areas of the woodland Beach community in the Township of Tiny in the Province of Ontario.

To carry on research and investigation into problems connected with the ownership, development, management and financing of real property in the Woodland Beach community.

To make representations to the government on matters affecting the interests of the residents of the Woodland Beach community.

To ensure the protection of and enhance the appreciation of the natural environment of the Woodland Beach community and such other complimentary purposes consistent with these objects.


Executives 2018/19

President            Linda Lockyer            linda@wbpoa.org   

Vice President     Tom Goldie

Past President     Ron MacKinnon

Secretary:           Tom Goldie

Treasurer:           Gary Seagrave    

Membership Chairpersons:       Debbie Curry / Cindy Crane / Tracey Price

Bayshore Liaison:                      Debbie Curry / Tracey Price

Volunteer Coordinator:              Debbie Curry

History Specialist:                     Tracie Price

Social Media:  (email updates)  Tracey Price

Director:                                  Cindy Crane

Director                                   Sue Norwood

Honourary Officers:                 Jenn George,  John Price.

Website:                                            Ray Stittle                    ray@wbpoa.org

Glossary (open/close)

  • GBA... (open/close) Georgian Bay Association

  • FOCA... (open/close) Federation of Ontario Cottagers' Associations

  • FoTTSA... (open/close) Federation of Tiny Township Shoreline Associations

  • LHCCC... (open/close) Lake Huron Centre for Coastal Conservation

  • TRWT... (open/close) Tiny Residents Working Together

    • Publisher...  "Tiny Ties"

  • WBPOA... (open/close) Woodland Beach Property Owners Association

  • WRAFT... (open/close) Waterfront Ratepayers After Fair Taxation



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