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Note:  I'm sure many of you have taken a digital sunset picture.  So, I invite you to submit your favorite sunset picture to share with the rest of us.  I have created a gallery for all to see and Your picture could spend time at the top of this page.


Please send "Your Best Shot" to ray@wbpoa.org and if possible include the date that it was taken and any other comments that may be of interest.  Try to have something in the picture that indicates that it is a Woodland Beach sunset (i.e. the mountain skyline).



Elaine Stephenson writes....

They're pics I took of the big rock up my way in Dec./09 when we had some extremely high winds.  As you can see, the waves came up & over the rock, the temperature plummeted & the entire rock froze.  It was a spectacular sight to see, albeit very wild down there while watching it all.  We waited until a day or so until it all calmed down before taking the pictures.

It was originally known to the native people as Turtle Rock.  In the 1920's, a man named Charlie King who bought waterfront property adjacent to it painted a silver cross on it & named it King's Rock & it has been know by that name ever since.  Recently, a picture of a Thunderbird was painted on it & people who don't know the history have begun calling it Thunderbird or Eagle Rock....but to all true Woodlanders, it will always remain King's Rock.