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WBPOA Phrag Buster Volunteers  and Tiny Township are once again planning our attack on Phragmites at Woodland Beach.  Phragmites are an invasive reed that is taking over our beaches, wetlands and ditches all over Ontario.

The preferred method is to cut at the base of the stalk below the first node and just below the surface of the sand.  All cut stalks, seed head and rhizomes (roots) must be removed from the site by placing them in yard waste bags to be disposed of at municipal composting site. Experts say this technique robs the plants of photosynthesis and slowly kills them.   Cutting must be done several years in succession before results will be seen.    

Please call your friends and neighbours, grab your water bottle, a sharp shovel, gloves and protective footwear. We hope you will join us when your calendar allows.

 Dig Dates for 2020 ............All digs are from 9 to 11 am.

 Saturday August 29, 2020 at Archer Rd.

Watch for roadside signage advising of locations or check our WBPOA website – wbpoa.org.

Members of WBPOA will receive email updates… so make sure to join.

 Tiny Cottager Website "Phragmites Control Guidelines".



Woodland Beach
 since 2014

Phragmites is an invasive reed which is rapidly claiming Woodland Beach and beaches and wetlands around the Great Lakes and North America. These non-native invasive weeds grow up to 15 feet tall, spread above and under the ground and will completely take over the beach and suppress the native vegetation if left unchecked. They are very challenging to eradicate. Woodland Beach Property Owners Association (WBPOA) has been waiting for several years for the various Ministries and Township to set appropriate policies and give direction on the removal. We have also been working with various Beach Associations and advocacy groups. In the meantime, the phragmites is advancing on our beaches.

If you don’t have phragmites in front of your cottage now or on your favourite part of the beach, you will soon. It spreads quickly. Other beaches have not fought back, and have lost their entire beach. Other beaches are slowly winning the war and reclaiming their sand. We have some good success stories already on Woodland Beach.

Woodland Beach Property Owners Association (WBPOA) is passionate about not allowing our beach to be overrun with phragmites. The current method that has resulted in success with sustained cutting over the years, is to cut the stem on an angle below the surface of the sand using a sharp shovel (and wear gloves). Stems must be bagged using the brown paper yard waste bags and can be taken to the municipal yard waste site. Or the cut stems can be burned. In August the fringy (seed filled) heads need to be cut off before they can spread.


Cottage owners and beach users are encouraged to work together to remove and dispose of any phragmites on their property or favourite part of the beach. Organizing a “phrag busting party” for an hour or two several times over the summer to tackle the weeds with family and friends makes the task not as overwhelming and manageable.

WBPOA also recognizes that not all property owners are able to tackle the phragmites and are looking into ways to assist Woodland Beach cottage owners. WBPOA is currently compiling a list of students from Elmvale High School who are available for hire by homeowners. Or if you know of any teenagers/ persons looking to make money this summer, please forward their name. It is recommended that students be paid $12 per hour. WBPOA is also working with various agencies and associations to explore funding to assist with the removal. Donations are also accepted to assist with the costs of removal.

All members of the Woodland Beach community are affected by this invasive weed. With all neighbours (beach and back road) working together, we can save our beach. This is a long term project that will require attention for several years. It will be necessary to keep removing the “phrags” until they are eradicated.

If you dig out your own phragmites, they can be disposed of like yard waste – in brown paper bags. The local dump in Midland disposes of them safely so that they cannot spread again.



So grab your shovels, gloves, water bottles and closed toe shoes.... see you there.