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Fall 2011 Bird Die Off


"Thank you" to all our members that acknowledged our efforts organizing the beach clean-ups.  We received several emails thanking us for the WBPOA Updates that kept members informed of the situation and for the quick reaction time dealing with a very upsetting situation by removing what could have been a health hazard.


We decided not to draw a line in the sand and thought of Woodland as one, cleaning up from Dutcher Trail to the South and Tamarack Trail to the North.


Thanks also to residents that cleaned up in front of their own properties Tiny Township co-operated by assisting with our clean-up efforts and they remained diligent in keeping Township owned beaches clean.  


This was a true community effort that started in September and continued until the end of October.  We know we could have called on many more members to help out.  Clean-ups are a great idea as we saw by our response to our July 1st Canada Day "Community Clean-up".  Many resident clean up on a regular basis ensuring that Woodland remains free of garbage and litter. Sounds like we should be planning several a year.  


We saw true community spirit at work when over 20 members and volunteers over 3 days got the job done. 


We would like to acknowledge and thank the following volunteers for their support:


Len, Caroline & Trevor Anderson > Special thanks for assistance over all 3 days, donating bags and their trusty trailer.

Heidi and Al Bigras

Tracey & John Price

Mark Bradley > heading the crew to the North Sat

Beth Coe

Donna Greenwood

Denise Gardian

Eric Hampton

Brenda & Terry Henderson

Dave Keddy

Itolo Mallozzi & Andrea Gernack> heading crew to the North Sun

Jerry Moon

Mare Nathan

Fran & Keith Rose

Tim & Gillian Vanular

Karen & John Judge - donation of commercial strength bag

Posted Apr 14, 2012


Avian Botulism

re: Tracie & John

We have found dead birds (mostly loons) on Woodland Beach.  We called Tiny Township to collect birds on Township property and John I buried 2 on our stretch of beach.  I would estimate 8 birds.

I have a call in to the Provincial Park to see if they have any results.

For more info... click to view these following links:



Posted Nov 26, 2010



Why are the birds dying?



1.  Here is a link to a Goldhawk 22 minute interview with Mark Mattson from Oct 31, 2011.






3. WBPOA Update:  Why are the Fish and Birds dying, 2011?

Posted 10/06/2011


Migrating Ducks were caught up in a Botulism event on Southern Georgian Bay and washed up on our shores. We thank our members for their quick response and for participating in the WBPOA Community Clean-Up effort that took place over three weekends.
Bird Die Off October 2011
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