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>MEETING: Sat. July 13, 10: AM - Bayshore Senior’s Centre: Speakers from Lake Huron Centre for Coastal Conservation. Learn how we can adapt to the new realities of low lake levels and climate change.

>MEETING: Sat. Aug. 31, 10: AM - Bayshore Senior’s: AGM, Up-dates and discussions re Community issues



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Water Testing at Tamarack Creek:

Reported at our Annual General Meeting Sept 1st the water samples taken last summer from Tamarack Creek again showed consistently high E-coli levels of >600 (greater than 600 per 100 ml). Moreover, water quality records over the past 10 years indicate that E-coli counts are increasing with each passing year. We are pleased to report that the Township has hired Severn Sound Environmental Association (SSEA) to do further testing this summer to discover the source(s) of the contamination. We look forward to learning SSEA’s conclusions and hope that a solution to this long-standing issue can be found.

Water testing results can be found on our website under Beach Ecology. The optimal level reported by the lab is <10 (less than 10). The highest is >600 (greater than 600). E-coli levels below 100 are acceptable in swimming water. Thanks to the faithful volunteer testers!

Traffic Calming: WBPOA continues its efforts to make our Beach a safer place. Last year Council agreed to our suggestions and new stop signs were erected at the corner of Lawson and TBRS. We hope that new “Radar Enforced” signage on TBRS will make drivers more aware of the 40 km per hour speed limit. On Park Rd. the speed limit has been reduced to 40 km, and signs erected. We believe that this new signage will only be effective if backed up by frequent OPP radar patrols and we have petitioned Council to approve increased radar presence on TBRS.

Septage Management Study: Stage 3 of the Environmental Assessment Study concluded that a full sewage treatment facility, capable of treating both solids and liquids, should be built within the Township. Various technologies – geotubes, reed beds, lagoons, anaerobic digestion, composting – have been evaluated and the preferred alternative is constructed reed beds. The next step involves identifying possible sites and exploring each in terms of cost and environmental and social impacts. However, at the June 1st Public Information session, several members of the public questioned why more consideration has not been given to the possibility of shipping Tiny’s septage to a neighbouring community’s facility, such as Midland or Elmvale. It remains to be seen whether Council will explore this option. For detailed information, please refer to the Twp’s Website: http://www.tiny.ca

Plan 656: Last summer Tiny Twp. appealed an earlier Court decision that upheld Darrick Battaglia’s ownership of the south part of the beach fronting Plan 656. On April 30th the Appeal decision was released, overturning the original decision, and awarding ownership of the south part back to the Township. Mr. Battaglia’s legal ownership of the north section of the beach is not in question. See our website http://www.wbpoa.org for links to beach ownership information.

Residential Smoke Alarm Program: Reminder: As of Jan. 1, 2013 smoke alarms are mandatory in all residences in Tiny Twp: a zero tolerance enforcement approach to all homeowners and landlords who are discovered not to have a working smoke alarm installed on every storey of their homes or recreational dwelling units. Penalties for non-compliance range from a ticketed fine to a charge under the Provincial Offences Act.

In order to create a fire safe community, every adult must do their part by accepting responsibility for their fire safety and that of their family. Your firefighters need your help!

For more information, please contact the Township of Tiny Fire and Emergency Services at 705-322-1161.

Lake Levels: Water levels in Lakes Huron, Michigan and Georgian Bay fell to a record low in January, and finally the International Joint Commission has advised the governments of Canada and United States that remedial action should be taken. For more information on this issue please consider attending a public meeting hosted by the Twp. and FoTTSA on

Sat. July 6th, 10:AM at the Tiny Twp. Community Hall, 91 Concession 8 East.

We are postponing our regularly scheduled WBPOA meeting so you can attend!

Details on our Website.

Community Events:

Sun. June 30: In an effort to encourage community spirit WBPOA organizes the Community Clean-up and Canada Day Celebration. Details to follow in our updates & watch for our info boards. We will be looking for volunteers for our community clean up.

Sun. Aug. 4: This summer there are some enthusiastic volunteers willing to organize a “Woodland Beach Day” with beach volleyball, bocci ball, sand castles…and who knows what else? So if you have ideas, are interested in organizing, participating, volunteering etc. please contact any of the Directors.

Woodland History Project: Would you like to be involved in compiling a history of Woodland Beach? Do you have any information / photographs / stories to share?

Tracey Price would appreciate hearing from you by Email at wbpoa@hotmail.com.

We are planning on holding a “History Day” and will keep updated.

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