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Saturday September 3, 2016  at 10 am 

Bayshore Seniors



1 Call to Order:

•   Linda Lockyer called the meeting to order at 10:08





•   September 5, 2015 minutes approved; moved by Susan Hayden; seconded by David Blair

•   July 9, 2016 minutes approved; moved by Dana Bradshaw; seconded by Beth Coe

Treasurer’s Report :

•   Gary Seagrave tabled the 2015 Year End Report (attached)

•   The Contributed Surplus at year end was $13,752

•   The report was approved; moved by Gary Seagrave; Seconded by Elaine Stevenson


Appointment of Reviewer of Financial Accounts:

•   David Blair has agreed to review the financial accounts again in 2016


Election of Directors for 2016/2017:

•   Linda Lockyer put forward the Board members serving the second year of a 2 year term (Gary Seagrave, Ray Stittle, Debbie Curry and Denise Gardian); and those members up for re-election; (Tracey Price, Tom Goldie, Bev Holmes. Linda Lockyer)

•   Linda then asked for nominations from the floor; there were none

•   The election of the Officers was approved; moved by Linda Lockyer; seconded by Rocco Guerriero

Ratification of the Actions of Directors During 2015/2016:

•   The actions were ratified; moved by David Blair; seconded by Rocco Guerriero




3 Treasurer’s Current Report:

•   Gary Seagrave reported on the current financial situation as of August 31, 2016 (attached)

•   Income was $29,215; $22,360 was from book sales; $3,705 from membership

•   However, costs were approximately $27,000; mainly from the preparation of the book

•   The surplus was approximately $1,200

•   Gary was very pleased with the current financial situation

•   The financial report was approved; moved by Gary Seagrave and seconded by Walt Stevenson

•   Gary also presented a cash donation of $100 to the Bayshore Seniors


4 Membership Report:

•   Tracey Price and Debbie Curry reported the Association has 149 paid members as of September 3rd

•   There were 167 last year at this time; that was the highest membership ever



5.1 History Project:

•   Tracey Price spoke on behalf of the History Committee, (other members are Marg Robertson, Sheila Ryan and Gail Shrives)

•   She explained how the book project began in 2014; with interviews taking place in 2015 and publishing occurring in 2016

•   The last of the 600 books is being sold today at the AGM

•   Tracey thanked everyone who had helped with the book

•   Tom Goldie made a presentation of signed photos to the History Committee Members on behalf of the Association, and thanked them for their hard work


5.2 Signage:

•   Tracey Price noted the new trail signage which has been completed

•   She thanked the Township for their assistance


5.3 Shoreline Restoration:

•   Jenn George spoke on the Phrag Busters initiative:

•   Two spots were tagged this year; Tripp Lane and Lawson Road

•   The dig areas were expanded because of previous successful digs

•   There were an average of 31 people per dig

•   389 person hours were contributed, down a bit from the 427 in 2015

•   There were less bags of phrag because of previous digs

•   Jenn stated the digs are a beneficial community builder

•   There was a special thanks from the floor for Jenn

•   Linda Lockyer mentioned a study done by Lynne Short of Sheridan College at Wymbolwood Beach who has determined that frequent cutting helps slow down phrag growth

•   Linda also mentioned the Green Ribbon Champion Program (LHCCC), which is in the final year of a 3 year program.  The Mark Dodson family has earned their award this summer and a few other residents are still at work to improve their shoreline commitments.  Erinn Lowrie at the Centre is available for advice etc.


5.4 Water Quality Test Results:

•   The 2016 sampling results from 5 locations on the beach were shown on the back of the meeting agenda

•   The results are generally good with the exception of the two streams.  The August 8 reading at Culver Creek was extremely high. It is believed this is an anomaly; i.e. an animal may have died in the creek. The readings were down considerably at this location for the following three tests.  We will continue to press Council and staff to further explore the source of the pollution entering these streams. 

•   Water quality testing will occur again in 2018


5.5 Parking:

•   No parking signs have now been installed at the Old Fire Hall at the corner of Park and South Street

•   Linda Lockyer also mentioned that Councillor Richard Hilton was still looking into the other issues which were raised at the July 9, 2016 meeting, but she has not heard back from him yet.


5.6 Speeding:

•   The OPP has said the best way to reduce speeding is to call the OPP Southern Georgian Bay Detachment at 705 526 3761 whenever there is a speeder

•   It would be helpful to be able to provide the time of the infraction, the make/colour of the vehicle and the licence plate number if possible

•   Everyone should call whenever there is a speeder; one call from a resident equals a call from WBPOA; the more calls, the more attention the OPP will pay to the issue


6 Septic Re-Inspection Program:

•   Ray Stittle asked five questions of the attendees to get a sense of their understanding of the septic re-inspection issues. The responses where a show of hands:

•   Is every six years a good time for septic re-inspection? (almost everyone agreed)

•   Do you have a good knowledge of how your septic system works? (most said yes)

•   How many have a full septic system vs a holding tank? (50/50 split)

•   Is your property year round or seasonal (about 75% were seasonal)

•   Do you think sewers are a better solution than septic tanks? (almost everyone said

•   There was considerable discussion on this issue

•    Susan Hayden mentioned she installed a marine toilet for $500 which uses much less water. She will see how it works between now and the next meeting and will report back

Action: It was agreed that Brad Ritchie (Ritchie Septic); Bill Goodale (Tathem Engineering) and a member from Council will be invited to the next meeting to speak on results of the septic re-inspection program and the Township’s plans to deal with the septic waste issue


7 Plans for 2017:

•   Next year is Canada’s 150 birthday and WBPOA is planning a large Canada Day celebration

•   Volunteers are needed for activities such as children’s games. Sign up sheets were available at the back of the meeting room

•   Beach wear will be sold again next year and members were asked for their suggestions; and they responded as follows:

•   T shirts

•   Sweat shirts

•   Hoodies

•   Sweat pants

•   Baseball hats with just “Woodland Beach” on them

•   Female V neck T shirts

•   Woodland Beach embroidered logo on a T shirt or regular shirt

•   It was suggested to sell the merchandise in the store as well as on line

•   A mid-summer dance was suggested for children 5 to 12 years old

Action: Linda Lockyer said the suggestions would be considered by the Board over the winter


8 New Business:

•   Linda Lockyer mentioned the Town Hall Meeting with Council on September 22, 2016 from 7:00pm to 9:00pm at the Tiny Community Centre on Concession 8.

•   The issue of beach access and Bill 118 was raised at the meeting. No action is required at this time

•   Action: The beach access situation will be monitored and raised at the next meeting if anything changes.


9 Raffles:

•   The old “Woodland Beach” Sign raffle was won by the Martin family of Balsam Ave.

•   The 50/50 draw was won by Jenn George; it grossed $84; and Jenn won $42


10 Adjourn:

The meeting was adjourned at noon; moved by Dana Bradshaw; seconded by Fran Rose


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