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Saturday July 9, 2016  at 10 am 

Bayshore Seniors



1.    Call to Order|:  Linda Lockyer, chair, called the meeting to order.


2.    Tiny Township Councillor Richard Hinton: Richard introduced himself by listing the various committees he is a member of: Policing, Building, and the Heritage Committee.  He spoke about the present Council and that the communication and accountability processes they have initiated have resulted in a more open Council. Currently there is more emphasis on encouraging taxpayers to contribute and air their concerns.  Council is trying a new way of interacting with the public by providing greater opportunity to discuss and resolve issues, and emphasizing greater communication such as live streaming of Council meetings, and making deputations easier.

Richard spoke about Parking and the allocated budget of $650,000.00 the Township has earmarked for this issue.  At the moment Council is strategizing and revamping parking in the township, and encouraged residents of Woodland Beach to come forward with their concerns. Woodland ratepayers raised the issue of people parking at the old Fire Hall and it was suggested and requested that No Parking signs be erected at the site. Richard said he would look into it. 

Policing issues were raised with resident John Price lamenting the high cost of radar if the association contacts police directly to do it.  The price tag is $475.00.  Richard mentioned that Council has allocated a huge reserve fund for policing and Steve Harvey is the go-to guy at the Township to tap into this reserve.  Richard encouraged WBPOA to send him an email stating our concerns and that he would bring it to Council Monday night. Related to policing - the Township’s crime report is accessible and posted on line.

Councillor Richard Hinton also gave an update about the Georgian Bay General Hospital and set the record straight concerning the emergency department at the  hospital – a lot of advocacy has been going on: the emergency department will not be closing.

Hinton also spoke about the issue of septage and how the Township is looking into partnering with other municipalities regarding shipping our waste to a holding tank to be treated in their facility.  Other options included partnering with other Townships to build a facility, or perhaps building our own.

Public Works was discussed and the Council is looking at a broader vision for Public Works.  Tim Leach is the new Manager of Public Works.  Roads are an issue.  WBPOA raised concerns over the potholes on TBRS. Richard recommended that our association send a letter to Public Works about this issue.  He said he would follow  the pothole issue up with Tim Leach if necessary Other issues raised at Richard Hinton’s talk were that of the environment concerning the eradication of Phragmites and the importance of beach grass to ensure healthy beaches.


3.    Dino Pangrazzi (TTFES) update re Tiny Township fire regulations. Dino gave the association an update on current issues regarding fire regulations.  Leaf burning has been prohibited.  Permits are required for bonfires. The Tiny Township web site now lists conditions related to fire and the degree of dryness in the environment.  Free service by firefighters was mentioned such as firefighters coming to your home and speaking about fire safety. They will also install (for free) smoke alarms and advise you about the types available for residents to purchase.  The fire department has donated fire alarms for History ay and will open the fire house to the public on that day also.


4.    Phrag Busters: Jen George announced that the dates for this year’s digs to eradicate phragmites.  She also shared what work has been accomplished thus far and how many volunteers have come out to help remove this very nasty invasive weed.


5.    Green Ribbon program is in its 3rd and final year. Erinn Lowrey, from the Lake Huron Centre for Coastal Conservation will be visiting Woodland Beach from August 15-20TH. She will be visiting properties enrolled in the Green Ribbon Programme.


6.    History Week-end: July 16/17th Tracey Price gave a short summation about what to expect on History week-end, and the response to the book, “Footprints in The Sand”, which has sold very well with over approximately 400 copies sold.


7.     Finances: Gary Seagrave gave an update on our finances (See handout).


8.    Updates on Membership: Tracey said we are way down on our membership compared to last year at this time. Currently we have approximately 117 members and we are hoping to match last year’s total of 167.


9.    Trail Sign Replacement: John spoke about how residents sometimes do not know how membership fees are used or allocated. He spoke about how our membership fees   have been used to purchase new Woodland Beach signs, put up snow fencing, organize Neighborhood Watch, pay for water testing and phragmites eradication.  Currently our old trail signs are in disrepair and will have to be replaced using WBPOA funds. Old “Welcome to Woodland Beach” signs will be raffled off as a fundraiser at our September 3rd meeting.


10.  Water Quality Testing: Debbie Curry spoke about how this is our 12th year of water testing.  Overall the water in the Bay is good.  What is not good are our creeks (Tamarack and Culver Creeks), they have consistently been over the guidelines of e-coli – well over 100. Perhaps remedial action is necessary to deal with this issue.


11.  50/50 draw


12.  Next meeting: AGM – Saturday September 3rd, 10:00 am – Bayshore Seniors


13.  Adjournment.



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