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December 2012 Update as emailed by Tracey Price to WBPOA members 12/18/2012.


     Child making snow angels in winter  WISHING  EVERYONE A SAFANHAPPY CHRISTMASEASON                                                                                                                                               Doesn't look like a white Christmas at Woodland Beach this year.  We have lost all our snow with very little in the forecast.                                                                                                 
Hopefully we get some snow for the kids and winter enthusiasts over the holidays.

    December 24th  -  9:00 PM   All Welcome                                                         

Our water levels are shockingly low - 30 inches below the long term average according to Mary Muter of the Sierra Club.  Our Bay seems to drop daily.
Try and find 20 minutes over the holidays to listen to the Goldhawk/Mary Muter Podcast.  You will have a clearer understanding of why we are losing
our Bay and what can be done to fix the leak in the St Clair River.  Click on GFB Podcast and then in the arrow on the left hand side of the flow player.

Listen to a Podcast with Mary Muter, Chair, Great Lakes Section, Sierra Club Ontario explains how to fix a leaky Great Lakes and stabilize low water levels in Georgian Bay
GFB Podcast: Mary Muter - Zoomer Radio AM740

Source: zoomerradio.ca

Mary Muter, Chair, Great Lakes Section, Sierra Club Ontario explains how to fix a leaky Great Lakes and stabilize low water levels in Georgian Bay.


>Summary of a Meeting by the Sierra Club attended by WBPOA in Toronto on November 10th  

  What is Happening to Georgian Bay Water Levels?  It is time for our Governments to act - Do nothing is not an option !

For more information see: http://ontario.sierraclub.ca/en/great-lakes-section

Send a letter to John Baird, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Email: baird@parl.gc.ca Address: 2249 Carling Avenue, Suite 418, Ottawa, ON K2B 7E9

Sierra Club Meeting on November 10, 2012:  What Happening to Georgian Bay’s Water Levels?

On November 10th 2012, the Sierra Club of Ontario held a meeting, with over 100 in attendance about low water levels in Georgian Bay.  Various perspectives were discussed. New research (2012) by Baird & Associates, an internationally renowned coastal firm, indicated that Lakes Michigan/Huron/Georgian Bay should be 50cm higher than they are right now. Baird believes that climate is a factor but that the rate of erosion in the St Clair River is the salient factor. Erosion is ongoing and has increased significantly to the detriment of Michigan/Huron/Georgian Bay.

Pat Chow Fraser, a biologist from McMaster University discussed the ecological impacts on wetlands by low water levels.  Wetlands are disappearing at an alarming rate and fish habitats and eco-systems are being adversely affected. Jean Paul Leblanc, also from McMaster, presented his findings on musky spawning. Low water levels are reducing and negatively affecting reproduction. 

Bill Bialkowski, an engineer presented a detailed solution to the St. Clair problem, and the impact it is having on low water levels on Georgian Bay.  His research data and engineering models of sills proffered an effective solution to the St. Clair problem of dredging, diversion, and erosion.

Mary Muter gave an update of what has been happening, since the Midland and Collingwood meetings with the IJC commissioners.  As a result of those meetings, an IJC engineer on the Canadian side, who was the biggest denier of the Baird report, told the Sierra Club in 2003, and its engineers, that they should go home and mind their own business,  was fired in mid-August, from his job of overseeing the Upper Lakes Study, and has been replaced. Multi-levels of government; municipal (Tiny Township), provincial, and federal, are being inundated by stake holders and constituents to address the issue of low water levels in Georgian Bay. The Sierra Club has met with federal cabinet ministers, Tony Clement and John Baird. Mary also spoke about the next steps that must be taken.  Lobbying efforts must be undertaken in the United States. Money is being raised and the Sierra Club is asking for donations to make this happen.

In the final analysis, the IJC can make recommendations but it is our government who can make the changes necessary to restore water levels.  Doing nothing is not an option.  Make your voice heard.







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