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October 2012 Update as emailed by Tracey Price to WBPOA members 10/14/2012.


You may remember the die off from Botulism that started on October 21. 2011 resulting in the clean-up of 1,500 birds on Woodland alone.  

This smaller die off extends North to the 16 Concession of Tiny.  Botulism has not been confirmed as reports are just starting to come in. 

Thanks to the crew that cleaned up approximately 25-30 birds, thought to be Mergansers, along with some seagulls and fish and unfortunately, 1 Loon.  

We took the opportunity to clean up garbage as well.  Tiny Township will assist us again with our clean up efforts by providing heavy plastic bags and arranging for pick up.  

Thanks for the clean up efforts on Thanksgiving Weekend of 5 Long Tailed Ducks between Locust and White Oak Trail and to anyone else that takes the time to care for our beach.  Using gloves and shovels any birds should be bagged in heavy plastic bags and put out for municipal garbage rather that buried on the beach.  Keep all pets well away rom the dead birds.  We are all hoping this is all we will see after last years upset.  We will keep you posted.

Visit our website and click on Fall 2011 Bird Die Off for more information on Botulism:   http://www.wbpoa.org/news_Birds.htm



       > No Construction Material <

               October 29

               November 5

               November 12

Materials to Curbside  by 7:00 a.m. Monday of Collection Week



We will again be working with the Township to prevent the sand from blowing off the beach during the winter months by installing snow fencing on several pathways.  

Last years efforts were discussed and we have requested wooden fencing replacing plastic that did not withstand the winter winds.  Fall is the perfect time to plant beach grass and begin or maintain dune restoration.  Healthy dunes help prevent wind erosion, which can expose wet sands that contain bacteria, E coli and other organisms. 

Congratulations to those that are working hard to preserve our dunes and keep our beach healthy.


In September 2011, after months of public outcry and media scrutiny, the Ontario government ordered that a provincial Environmental Assessment be undertaken of the proposed Mega-Quarry.  This would be the first-ever Environmental Assessment of a quarry operation in the province's history.  The province now awaits confirmation from Highland Companies whether they wish to participate in an EA or abandon the controversial project.  Those involved are waiting, raising awareness and funds for the upcoming fight.  Waiting does not mean nothing is happening.


With the sucess of Foodstock in Fall 2011organizers hope to continue building momentum by bringing "Soupstock 2012"  to Toronto.  

Click on the link below for more information and to join the movement to protect Melancthon's prized farmland and precious headwaters. 


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