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>Volunteers urgently needed for Summer Water Sampling!

 The Federation of Tiny Township Shoreline Associations (FoTTSA) is once again coordinating a water sampling program to test for E-coli in the waters off our beaches.  

WBPOA has participated in this program in the past, and the results of the tests have been posted and discussed at our meetings.

The Nottawasaga River empties into the Bay at Wasaga Beach, and flows in a plume north past Woodland.  In addition, the Town of Wasaga Beach is rapidly expanding, 

and the effluent from its treatment plants enters the Bay.  For these reasons the Directors of WBPOA feel that it is imperative that we participate in this sampling / testing program. 

Samples are taken every Monday morning at 5 different locations at WB for the 9 weeks of summer.  The tester must wade into the Bay to about shoulder depth to take the sample.  

A brief training session will be given.  The sample bottles are collected at various locations along the Tiny Beaches, and a FoTTSA volunteer drives them to the lab in Orillia.

The results of our WB tests and those from the other beaches north along Tiny’s shoreline are producing a clear picture of the health of Nottawasaga Bay and the safety of the waters we all swim in.  

If we are to take advantage of this program, we need volunteers.  We are not asking volunteers to necessarily sign up for all 9 weeks or for more than 1 location, but to help when possible.  

For example:  Agree to do two Mondays at 3 locations.  

 If you can help with this important program, please send an Email to info@wbpoa.org or speak with any Director. 


>Reminder > I LUV MY BEACH Beachwear

All Hoodie and T-Shirt orders must be prepaid and pre ordered this year.

 Please use the order form found in our New Membership Brochure delivered to every residence. 


  • Order and prepay by June 15 - your order will be ready for pick up at Canada Day Party or July 7th meeting
  • Orders taken at Canada Day and July 7th meeting for pick up mid July 

>THE BIG PULL - Garlic Mustard Eradication Days at Tiny Marsh    
SATURDAY/SUNDAY - 9:30 - 12:00 - JUNE 9 & 10 AND JUNE 16 & 17 

Why do we need to get rid of Garlic Mustard?



This is a vigorous invasive weed that produces masses of seeds and releases a poison through its roots to kill off other plants like tree seedlings and 
native wildflowers.  At present it is isolated in one corner of the Marsh.  

Wear gloves, long sleeves and pants tucked into socks or boots to guard against biting insects.  Park in front of the nature interpretive centre and follow signs.

We have Garlic Mustard on Woodland Beach - click on the website below to help you identify the plant.  
Pulling should be done over the next two weeks.     
Material should be bagged at the site  and burn it or take to compost area of the transfer station.

Tiny Cottager Website: Invasive Plants in our area




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