In Memory Of

Jenn George

With great sadness we share with you that our dear friend and Woodland Beach resident, Jenn George, passed away on February 18, 2022, in Cancun Mexico. From spending years renting the Belvedere to searching out and finding the perfect little cottages for herself and best friends Kathy and Scott, it was clear that cottage ownership was in Jenn's future. Soon after moving in, Jenn began her mission to get to know everyone in Woodland Beach and over 15 years she became a well-known and well-loved character.

Jenn became passionate about preserving the natural environment of the beach. When the invasive reed, Phragmites, appeared and threatened to take over the beach she organized the Woodland Beach ''Phrag Busters''. We will remember her, shovel in hand, leading and encouraging volunteers to keep digging. Her enthusiasm and energy were boundless and thanks to her efforts our beach is free of this aggressive reed. Jenn loved Woodland beach. She mourned the loss of every mature tree, and sand dune; she planted beach grass and advocated for improved environmental stewardship. She enjoyed paddle-boarding, walking along the shore, and celebrated each day at sunset, a time we call ''Sparkly hour''

Jenn was also a devoted family person, with great love for her sister Kymm, and Brother-in-law Bob Koshurba. Their sons and families spent lots of quality time at Woodland Beach and will continue to do so this year. Jenn shared her Woodland Beach property with Scott Lewis, whose deceased wife, Kathy, was Jenn's best friend from way, way back. Jenn loved to sip a quality tequila while she watched the sun set over the bay, or while she was whipping up an organic chicken and big salad for her guests. She loved to sit around a good bonfire listening to music with best-friend cottage neighbours Gene and Karen, David and Susan, and Sol and Alysha.

So next time you enjoy another glorious Georgian Bay sunset, raise a glass in tribute to Jenn and say thank you and good-bye to a very special Woodland Beach friend. Woodland beach was indeed fortunate to have you as a resident, advocate, and friend. You will be missed by many!


Special Thanks to Scott Lewis, Kymm Koshurba, and Susan Hayden for this tribute to Jenn.

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Thank You, Jenn


Our dear friend and Woodland Beach resident, Jenn George, passed away on February 18, 2022.

Woodland Beach was indeed fortunate to have you as a resident, advocate and friend.

Jenn, we will miss you!



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